Deep Listening Therapy ~ Danya Daccash, MSW

Telephone Counselling for Women



Here are some questions to help you decide whether my telephone counselling is right for you.

Do you

  • need help sorting through problems?
  • feel stuck or unhappy in your present situation?
  • have a difficult decision to make?
  • need help dealing with difficult or confusing emotions?
  • feel distressed by persistent negative thoughts?
  • seek guidance around parenting issues?
  • suffer from anxiety, restlessness, or depressed feelings?
  • feel like you are in crisis and need help managing it?
  • want to learn how to heal past hurts?
  • struggle with chronic pain, illness, or disability?
  • have addictions or habits you need to break?
  • need to reduce stress and learn self care?
  • suffer grief from the loss of a loved one?
  • have issues with disordered eating or body image?
  • have questions or issues of sexual orientation?
  • want to improve your self esteem?
  • have spiritual questions you would like to explore?
  • want feminist or cross-cultural counselling?
  • need a therapist after being awarded counselling funding from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my tele-counselling could be what you are looking for. 


I have helped hundreds of women heal their pasts and discover their unique path to health, peace and happiness. I have extensive experience counselling women from diverse backgrounds individually, in groups, and over the crisis line, supporting survivors of all forms of trauma and abuse.