Deep Listening Therapy ~ Danya Daccash, MSW

Telephone Counselling for Women

How I Work


I am a cross-cultural feminist counsellor, with training in mindfulness practices. I honour women’s unique challenges and cultivate compassionate connections with my clients.

I believe we both bring something special to the counselling relationship. You bring wisdom about yourself and the courage to enter this process. I offer expertise and wisdom about counselling and healing. Together we build a connection, and as a team we focus on understanding your issues and bringing balance into your life.

Counselling with me emphasizes the health of the total person. I use a holistic approach highlighting emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.


Over the past two decades I have developed an eclectic counselling style. It evolved through experience, formal and informal studies, and invaluable feedback from my clients.

As well as exploring issues with you, I offer mindfulness and self-compassion practices to help you move toward peace, well-being, and joy.