Deep Listening Therapy ~ Danya Daccash, MSW

Telephone Counselling for Women



Danya Daccash, MSW

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist in Private Practice


Counselling Services

Counselling for women honours the unique challenges and needs that women face around the world. I am professionally trained in feminist and cross-cultural counselling. Paired with mindfulness & meditation practices, this forms the basis of a precise therapy as well as a deeply connected relationship with my clients.


Telephone Therapy

There are many benefits to seeking therapy over the phone. Firstly, research has shown that telephone counselling can be as effective as in-person support. Additionally, it is a convenient way of getting help as it can be accessed in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Confidential telephone counselling is desirable for many reasons. Telehealth is a safe and effective option during a pandemic, it available while away from home, and is an excellent option for women with time constraints, mobility issues, people who seek a sense of anonymity, and those who live in communities with limited access to quality therapy.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact me if you are interested in living a joyful and peaceful life.

  • Complimentary initial session to discuss your issues, needs, and to ask questions about how I work.
  • Fees: My current hourly rate for individual counselling is $155  CAD. I personally believe longer sessions lead to better progress, so I offer 90 minute sessions for $210 CAD.
  • Compassionate Pricing: Sliding Scale is sometimes available for those with low income. Please note that my sliding scale and pro bono spots are currently full. 
  • Health Insurance: Fees for a Registered Social Worker (RSW) are covered under many private health plans or employee group benefit plans (often called “counselling” or “psychological” services – if social workers are not listed, please contact your carrier as many will cover an RSW with a Masters Degree).
  • Tax DeductionRegistered Social Workers are authorized as ‘medical practitioners’ under the Canadian Income Tax Act for claiming medical expenses on income tax returns, through the Medical Expense Tax Credit.